September 29, 2022
Business World

It’s a new year, and while we’re all looking forward to a new year and a new president, there are some very important issues that need to be addressed. What should we do about the economy, the healthcare system, education, immigration, foreign policy, and what should we do to curb climate change?

To find out what the CEOs of some of the country’s biggest companies are thinking, Business Insider asked them to write a letter to their shareholders. Their letters are very frank, and they reveal what’s really going on in the business world.

Below are excerpts from the CEOs’ letters, along with their full letters.

Our first goal should be to strengthen the economy.

To do this, we need to fix the weak parts of our economy, and we must do so quickly. We need to deal with the unbalanced tax code, the excessive regulation that has hampered business, and the nation’s failure to implement the right long-term budget plan.

We have a lot of good reasons to believe that the U.S. economy is in the midst of a serious economic recovery. We’ve seen job growth for six straight months and GDP growth for three of the past four quarters.

But our current recovery is not strong enough to move us to a new, more sustainable economic model.

The economic recovery is a period of recovery and it will continue to be one.

We need to do what is necessary to make sure the economy grows and that it is more inclusive. We need to make sure that the 99 percent are included in this economic recovery, and that all Americans have the opportunity to work hard and play by the rules.

We’re in the midst of a recovery, but it’s not strong enough to move us toward a new, more sustainable economic model.

The economy is in good shape, but we need to get the nation on a path that will produce more jobs, lower the unemployment rate, and keep inflation under control.

We must also get our fiscal house in order. We need to bring spending under control and cut taxes. We also need to reform the tax code to ensure that we are not taxing companies on their foreign profits and not taxing dividends.

We need to get to a sustainable fiscal path. We need to reform the entitlement programs, and we need to find a better way to pay for the benefits we are already providing.

We must also reform the regulatory system. We need to do everything we can to bring the regulatory burden down, to ensure that it is working for businesses and not against them.