Throat gaggers 4 review 

 Throat gaggers 4 
Throat gaggers 4 dvd cover

Adult DVD from Red Light District: Throat gaggers 4

Throat gaggint time: 136 mins
Cast: Ashley Long, Renee Pornero, Mandy Bright, Crystal Ray, Anna Belle, Serena South, Cassandra, Fiona, Patty, Serena, Taylor Hill, Jennifer Gold, Megan

Throat gaggers 4 synopsis: Throat gaggers goes on high intensity a true rough ride gagging series! No delicate blowjobs here. Skull fucking at it's finest! Cheek bursting action throughout. Awesome Face Fucking DVD!!! Prohibited in some countries! Enjoy the ride!

Throat gaggers 4 review:

"Throat Gaggers #4" – is not a one more collection of blowjobs or girls performing deepthroating. This is what you call oral fucking. You don’t have to be such a fetishist to be interested in watching an entire movie dedicated to multiple dicks fucking a woman’s face as fast and as furiously as if it was a pussy! For everyone enjoying “hold the back of her head and jam your dick in up to your balls” mouth fucking actions - the Red Light District’s "Throat Gaggers 4" is priceless. The difference between even the most messy blowjob and face fucking is that the girl is absolutely submissive. At Throat gaggers 4 DVD you will enjoy girls sitting obediently on the floor, or lying on their backs or on their tummies – with their heads thrown back – which gives men a straighter shot to shove their cocks directly down a girl’s succulent throat. And that’s exactly what they do! Isn’t it the point of the whole action to make viewer forget that he’s actually watching oral sex? Just imagine - the studs impaling the women’s faces so frenetically, that one might quickly forget that it’s her throat being fucked – rather than her luscious pussy or asshole! Such things can really make a lot of dicks hard as rock and many pussies wet if they are shot well. And all the people who created these movies – from actor to cameraman - managed with their tasks perfectly. So lets try to analyze all the ten scenes at Throat gaggers 4.

And. What’s also worth mentioning is that the women are more than just passive. Far from it! Some babes even behave as if they never tried a single cock deep in throat in all their life. Some even can frequently be found pumping their faces in a rhythm exactly opposite their men’s thrusting. What is very impressive and amazing is that many girls are quite vocal - even though their throats are stuffed making it hard to talk or moan. But just imagine - they still manage to communicate their pleasure by uttering any number of gagging, spitting, gurgling or choking sounds – especially when their man’s cock is at its deepest point of penetration. For sure it makes the audio portion of the Throat Gaggers 4 DVD absolutely delightful!

As for the visual entertainment, the dicks can often times be found agitating the women’s mouths and throats so toughly and vigorously – that the girls are always spitting up raspberries – which drip down their faces like cum! Be ready for some of the babes’ eyes redden from the constant triggering of their gag reflex. Probably it will give you an idea of how messy the throat fucking scenes really are because when a cock is thrusting itself so deeply down their throats, some of the women even have a hard time breathing which causes them to come up gasping for air. They use it as a convenient excuse to stuff the dick back and to begin the face fucking process anew!

Throat Gaggers 4 Scene 1 – Mandy Bright

Not so famous but extremely beautiful and luscious blue-eyed Hungarian brunette Mandy Bright performs in opening Throat gaggers 4 scene. Even if you never enjoyed her before you would definitely want to witness her more and more after witnessing her fantastic scene. Among the rest of her outstanding qualities miss Bright has gorgeous tits. Also she possesses some elegant shyness that perfectly matches the main idea of the Throat gaggers 4 DVD and makes her sword swallowing – of three huge cocks – seem as fresh and sincere as though these were the only three dicks she had ever sucked. Mandy Bright easily take multiple turns jamming men poles as deeply into her face as they will go. Besides she’s the first to let her dudes grasp her head (behind her hair and underneath her jaw). This Hungarian chick is also the first to lie deliciously and obediently on her back – with her chin out – to give her men a straighter shot down her throat. Camera gives us a delightful view of them pumping her face from various angles. You must check this nasty Throat gaggers 4 scene and make sure that if it weren’t for her beautiful visage being present, the men’s animalistic humping would’ve surely convinced anybody that it was her pussy or asshole being fucked! In this episode the cameraman also gives us a nice profile view – of her throat visibly distending – as the huge foot long cocks energetically work their way in-and-out! Miss Bright gags with every thrust during this process not forgetting to remind us how much she’s also enjoying having her throat sphincters expanded to their fullest!
But one of the most incredible moments in Mandy’s part arrive when a dude’s dick is pounding her so hard and fast that his balls (yes, his balls!) end up slapping her continuously in the face! In must be the deepest mouth fucking ever performed and shot at video. Mandy Bright even turned her face sideways – maybe she was afraid to wake up the next morning with a pair of black eyes! After that she sits up, sucks for some time more and being rewarded for her perfect blowjob with three huge loads which hit her all about her lips and inside of her beautiful mouth. Mandy doesn't forget to smile sweetly to the camera, and to twinkle her fingers “bye-bye”.

Throat gaggers dvd-shots: Mandy Bright gagging

Mandy Bright has been sucking cock for as long as she can remember - Throat Gaggers 4 video Mandy Bright deep throat scene. The truth is with these three guys bashing away on her tonsils or brain’s gotten so scattered that Mandy can't remember anything earlier than one o'clock this afternoon! In Throat Gaggers 4 only! Mandy Bright MMMF deepthroat fucking movie screenshot. Mandy eating big dose of cum in Throat Gaggers dvd

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Throat Gaggers 4 Scene 2 - Crystal Ray

The second Throat Gaggers 4 segment features Crystal Ray. This cute pointy-nosed blonde has been in the business only about one month but she acts already like an experienced pornstar. Crystal’s scene progresses much like previous Throat Gaggers scene with Mandy Bright, except that Crystal Ray is the only girl to lie on her tummy at the whole DVD. So this hottie gives the studs easy access to thoroughly pipe clean her throat with her arms back and her chin out. To get a good picture of the way she performs only imagine a cuddly baby seal lying on a table and having its snout energetically fucked.
Miss Ray’s eyes get visibly redden from the constant gagging. But it doesn’t spoil her appearance – it only serves to heighten the emotionality of the whole scene. At the end of her part Crystal Ray proves us she can be extremely hot and nasty when it comes to facials. She takes the first load on her cheek. Wanting more, she then begs for seconds – and as a reward gets a healthy shot to the back of her throat and warm drops of cum sprinkled down on - to her face. Her face covered with sticky sperm looks excellent.

Throat gagger Crystal Ray dvd screenshots

Crystal Ray is southern white trash deep throat rough in this Throat Gaggers 4 dvd In Throat gaggers 4 Crystal Ray deepthroating. That's not necessarily a bad thing; a slut who grew up poor is usually one more than willing to let a couple men got a hold of her head while they fuck her face for a few hours. Throat gaggers 4 present Crystal Ray cumshot dvd screenshot. Her low self-esteem is your ticket to good throat sex!

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Throat Gaggers 4 Scene 3 - Patti Amor (aka Patty)
This naughty and exotic 23yo chick comes from Ecuador. She has extremely pretty face with nice full lips that could fit even the thickest cock. Well, in this Throat Gaggers scene she’s got even two the mightiest cocks on the web to play. Patti Amor taking them deep right away without any hesitations. You can hear a famous stud Brandon Iron saying that they are going to send her back to Ecuador with a broken mouth. The close-up views done very well here and Patti is quite messy with her saliva as the action progresses. The cameraman gives us an awesome underneath shot of Brandon royally skull fucking Patty. Another horny moment is when she leans her head back off the couch for some hard schlong swallowing. In this part you can see her really spitting a lot of spit as the guys fill her up. Guys use their hard cocks like spoons to scoop the cum into Patty's mouth afterwards.

Throat gagger Patty screenshots

Patti Amor face fucked Throat Gaggers 4 scene dvd screenshot Meet Patty Amor in Throat Gaggers 4, a Puerto Rican with a full set of lips and big bushy black hair who understands that hanging her head off the couch is her best chance at earning a decent living After all deep throat acts from the looks of Patty fingernails she has quite a manicure had it to pay for! Nice shot in Throat Gaggers 4 video

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Throat Gaggers 4 Scene 4 - Serena

This scene must be the weakest on the whole Throat Gaggers 4 DVD. In spite Serena wastes no time and takes a cock into her mouth POV style almost immediately she seems not to want to gag. Instead she slowly licks the shaft or balls then swallow the dick. Well it is pretty nice but we have seen better sucking even on this dvd. With a decent eye contact Serena gives us a nice glimpse of her snatch, even stroking and ribbing it for us. She ends her part with some hot clean up after the dudes explode at her face and its getting coated with a lot of jizz.

Throat Gaggers screenshots: Serena gags on cock

Serena is a novice throat gagger so she was given a chance to work with just one guy this Throat Gaggers 4 dvd. That doesn't mean we took it easy on her, in fact having that one guy the Manuel Ferrara probably gave Serena a false sense of Throat Gaggers In Throat Gaggers 4 Serena spends some time sucking his balls, but he makes sure to shaft her throat as well!

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Throat Gaggers 4 Scene 5 – Fiona

Fiona – is a quite well known young blond lady that seems to have a good attitude as she gets interviewed. She’s got small but cute tits and very tight round and sexy ass. She shows off exposing her great body and plays with her pussy ribbing her small erect clit before she starts sucking dud’s gun. Fiona even does some fingering spreading wide to the camera and licks her fingers when pulls them from her vagina. Looks tasty. Then we move to another POV blow-job as an the previuos Throat Gaggers scene – also extremely well shot but much better performed. Fiona knows what to do. She takes the penis so good and deep that seems almost gagging on it. The throat fucking ends with Fiona taking a super pop into her mouth. She swallows it all till the last drop and shows us some fine cleanup.

Throat gagging screenshots: Fiona

Throat Gaggers 4: Fiona is a British gagger who needs to learn that manners can't disappear just because her clothes came off Throat Gaggers :Fiona's polite when she shows up but fails to power down on Frank Gunn's rod without him giving her a helping hand. Fiona gager herself and throat fucked properly in Throat Gaggers 4 scene!

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Throat Gaggers 4 Scene 6 - Jennifer Gold

This cutie comes to us from New Jersey. Eighteen-year-old Jennifer Gold has pretty seductively innocent gray-blue eyes and large 100% natural breasts. Yes, these tits worth looking at. Jennifer presents us with a lot of pleasant moments of throat fucking but before lying on her back and doing it she sucks and deepthroats in doggie for some time. Miss Gold is very active girl – she insists upon doing all of the work, even when she’s lying on her back and getting her throat roughly penetrated. Incredible. Jennifer defies gravity and bobs her face up to meet her partner’s dick.
Also funny to hear her begging at the end of this Throat Gaggers scene when she didn’t say a single word during her performance. Must be for this reason the final looks very refreshing. Jennifer Gold giggles uncontrollably as the men shower her face with cum and obviously enjoys the process.

Throat gagger Jennifer Gold screenshots

Jennifer Gold may not look like a porn star in Throat Gaggers 4, but this New York college student definitely shows what she can do once the cocks come out and her jaw gets loose. In Throat Gaggers 4 black guys and white guys will both agree that Jennifer Gold tits and throat are essential tools of their unity! Throat Gaggers 4 screenshot Jennifer Gold gets sperm rush ...

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Throat Gaggers 4 Scene 7 - Taylor Hill

One of the strongest scenes at the Throat Gaggers 4 DVD. You can see Taylor Hill on the dvd cover – but friendly speaking she looks much more gorgeous in the film than on photo. Her beautifully thick lips and large awesome tits – are things that Taylor loves to show off the most. She proudly exposing them here before she gets down to her tonsil-tickling business. With her attractive and sincere smile and a very articulate voice she makes her Throat Gaggers scene extra satisfying. Taylor Hill leaves us a little doubt that she knows how to do her best and that she fully enjoys every cock sucking minute!
The interlude is short because the dudes are forcing Taylor to deep throat them almost immediately. Taylor’s action is rich in all the messy things the one may wait from a real throat fucking - there’s a profusion of nose smashing, and tons of gagging and spitting. You will be watching it over and over. She looks passive enough and stays horny all the time while she’s sitting on the floor and leaning back against a sofa with her face pointed skyward. She spends a lot of time in these positions. Curious that with her thick and full lips Taylor Hill doesn’t use them much to protect she even bares her men’s cocks from abrasion she even bares her teeth the scores of times to give us a better view how deep the dude's dicks are jammed down the middle of her throat. It even seems that there’s a danger that their penises will stray to rub themselves up against her incisors.
Comparing to the rest of girls performing at Throat Gaggers 4 DVD miss Hill has a cute way of gagging which sounds as though she’s gargling with mouthwash. The segment where she lies on her back is also breathtaking. The loads of spit are flowing down her face and neck and looking like you-know-what! Only the girl from the first scene could take men’s cocks so deep down her throat. Taylor Hill repeats it as Mandy Bright but with much more enthusiasm and very high energy. But instead of slapping her in the face the guys balls come to rest gently over her nose, cover her nostrils and entirely block her breathing. Finally studs ejaculate over her lovely face. One of the guys unloads at her nose and the second dude cum coating Taylor’s cheeks and the back of her throat. You will be surprised to find her looking totally refreshed and ready for more at the end of this messy scene even with all her face shimmering with sperm. Great girl.

Best throat gagger Taylor Hill screenshots

In Throat Gaggers 4 Taylor Hill takes a couple batches of cum in her eyes after being violently throat fucked. Brandon Iron deserves most of the credit for this Throat Gaggers scene because Taylor Hill wasn't really getting the job done until he grabbed her by the throat and started jerking off in her throat! Best Throat Gaggers screenshot - Taylor Hill big cum facials after deep throat

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Throat Gaggers 4 Scene 8 - Anna Belle

In spite of the fact that Anna Belle is more famous pornstar than Taylor Hill you won’t find her listed on the Throat Gaggers 4 DVD cover. Strange why. But you can clearly see this fantastic and beautiful woman on the back cover of the box.
We got used that Anna Belle is fucking hot but here we have a great chance to estimate her sucking off two men! You can enjoy her interview as a prelude – it’s quite interesting and she comes across also well. It noticeable she loves to show off her gorgeous melons. Anna Belle is a pretty good knob polisher with a naughty habbit to look up at a guy during the process with a very teasing and mindblowing glance. Here she even get teary eyed concentrating on Brandon Iron’s hose for too long. Then its turn for Anna to move on the second cock for some more fine swallowing.
And then – take heart - she opens really wide and takes Brandon’s huge foot long gun almost half way down. It’s very messy how she gets a lot of spit covering her jaw and partually her chest as she takes on both Brandon and Steve Holmes laying on her back. She’s not too passive but seems to be thoroughly into the scene.
Anna Belle insists on them shooting their loads all over her pretty face and as a result gets it covered with hot sticky manjuice. A really awesome Throat Gaggers scene you will definitely enjoy a lot!

Anna Belle gagging on big cock screenshots

In Throat Gaggers 4 Anna Belle misunderstood her role when she leaned her head back and opened her mouth as wide as she could for rough throat fucking. Throat Gaggers screenshot - Brandon and Manuel are interested in is how wide Anna Belle throat gets! Throat Gaggers cumshot screenshot: Anna Belle insists on them shooting their sperm loads all over her pretty face and as a result gets it covered with hot sticky cum.

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Throat Gaggers 4 Scene 9 – Cassandra, Ashley Long, Renee Pornero

Cassandra – is a very petite French Canadian hottie. When she gets completely naked we may see that he possesses a great overall complexion. The cutie wins the prize for the most supersonic cock sucking. She bobs her head so fervently that her face becomes just a blue. Another her great contribution to the cause comes when the men fuck her face and she makes a lot of gargling, spitting and produces incredible teeth rattling noise. The one even can imagine her being choked to death in a dentist’s office listening to all this stuff.
The finish is really great. Cassandra captures her stud’s penis completely down her throat but doesn't swallow and uses his cum and her own spit to playfully blow bubbles to us!
The last one and truly exceptional episode in the Throat Gaggers 4 movie is performed by wellknown fantastic English sexbomb Ashley Long and Austrian cutie Renee Pornero (In case you haven’t seen her – she’s also drop-dead gorgeous). The sexy British accent of Ashley Long is famous for a long time and in this movie its perfectly matched by nasty Renee’s pronunciation. You can hear it in their interviews and you will definitely find it delightful and quite enjoyable at their subsequent gagging and choking during the scene. Ashley and Renee deepthroats much like the other girls but when it comes to lying side-by-side on their backs – they are incomparable. There are some really good close-ups of each guy taking a turn fucking their throats one-after-the-other in succession. Ashley and Renee also provide a great finish – probably the best one in the film – by capturing a hot large load apiece, and by sharing the sperm together with their spit. Besides they don’t forget to perform a passionate tongue kiss at the very end.

Throat gaggers Cassandra, Ashley Long, Renee Pornero screenshots

Throat Gaggers screenshot: Renee Pornero was just starting out in this business when this scene was filmed. Renee Pornero should thank Brandon Iron for breaking her into the business because once he got done fucking her throat in Throat Gaggers 4 dvd Renee Pornero had a chance to drink a gallon of sperm she realized she had what it takes in last scene of Throat Gaggers 4

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Throat Gaggers 4 Starring: Ashley Long, Renee Pornero, Mandy Bright, Brystal Ray, Anna Belle, Serena South, Cassandra, Fiona, Patty, Serena, Taylor Hill, Jennifer Gold, Megan Throat gaggers 4 DVD Review
Throat Gaggers 4dvd movie review: Throat fucking movies scenes. Gagging screenshots. Deep throat dvd movie. Most shocking face fucking clips