Cum Swapping Sluts #2    

 Cum Swapping Sluts #2 
Cum Swapping Sluts 2 cover

XXX DVD from Red Light District: Cum Swapping Sluts #2

Play time: 139 mins
Cast: Ashley Long, Brandon Iron, Brian Pumper, China, Cliapatra, Fion Cheeks, Gia, Joel Lawrence, Kinky, Lynn Dumare, Mark Davis, Sandie, Stacy, Steve Holmes

Synopsis: 10 cum hungry sluts who understand the meaning of "sharing is caring"! 2 girls in every scene fucking and sucking and sharing each other's juices! Anal, ass-to-mouth fuck, pussy-to-mouth and of course cum swapping slobberation in every scene! Huge cocks and huge loads in hot mouthes!

Cum Swapping Sluts 2 review

Scene #1: Brandon with Lynn and Stacy

For the opening scene two sluts - blond Stacy and brunette Lynn (you can see both of them on the DVD cover) have found themselves a famous playmate Brandon Iron. This stud, well known for his almost foot long hose, inspects their beautiful bottoms and as a warm up gives each of wet horny pussies a proper caress with his fingers.

After oral skills of each girl are properly tested out by Brandon then it's time for really awesome fucking scenes with the sluts riding his gun or ending up in a pile so Brandon can easily swap from one nasty cunt to another.
The fucking proceeds with performing some excellent and explicit positions including side-by-side pile drivers and girl on girl face sittings, though the best of them is undoubtedly Lynn daintily lowering her shaven wet, plump snatch on to Brandon's cock. During the action chicks also tasting his juice-slicked penis from each others vaginas. And after all gorgeous Lynn takes a hot Brandon's cum in her mouth and without swallowing a drop swaps it to Stacy. Lynn licks and kisses Stacy’s lips and tongue covered with sticky warm cum. Finally Stacy swallows the whole cum but there are still several drops at her lips and chin.

Scene #2: Ashley Long and Fiona swapping Steve's cum

One of the best porn stars ever sold on DVD leggy Ashley Long (well-known for her sexy Brit accent and habit to scream and talk in her scenes) and her famous girlfriend Californian Fiona – are both blondes, both small-busted and have extremely cute juicy asses. With both of them Steve Holmes enjoys himself hugely. It’s worth seeing the way he engages them in humorous chatter while Fiona hungrily devours his long mighty cock! Ashley loves Steve's cock in her ass (we know her successfully performing even in double anal scenes), although Fiona doesn't do anal on this DVD but she sucks cock ass-to-mouth. Ashley Longgets a huge load of hot cum and sluices the bubble liquid to Fiona's mouth. Steve add there some more exspuition from his long hose. Slut swallows it all.

Scene #3: China and Clia swapping cum from Joel Lawrence

Two young African-American sluts China and Clia – both are novices - perform with a veteran of porno biz Joel Lawrence. Well, they maybe inexperienced yet but judging by the way they love to give heads and to take his dick into their succulent vaginas the one can tell they are quite horny and gonna have a brilliant future as porno actresses some day. Yes, really the sluts deserve some attention – not only because their bootylicious butts remind of Beyonce from “Destiny's Child” – but because they both are in great fit. Only estimate these tight bodies with flat tummies and upstanding tits. Joel even couldn’t keep from spanking them lightly on occasion – I’m sure you couldn’t resist those butts too... Other breathtaking moments are when China and Clia share Joel’s hard cock and happily taste each other’s pussy from it.

Scene #4: Kinky and Gia riding Brian Pumper

In this instance, Brian Pumper is the lucky man, and as Kinky (AKA Rebekah Jordan) and Gia feast on his hige gun, he just lies back and enjoys himself. Dark-haired, sun tanned Gia and pale, blonde Kinky make a pleasant contrast at this video. Among all that’s worth mentioning – Gia looks extremely good riding the stud and lust Kinky appears to be rather vocal and her ceaseless lewd comments get a little bit tiresome after a while. After Brian has thoroughly ploughed Kinky's back passage, he finishes off with some vaginal sex and explodes in Gia's mouth. Gia promptly swaps the hot load of cum to Kinky, who gleefully swallows it down. This is another good scene combinating Brian Pumper’s energy and nasty sex with a cheerful mood of Gia and Rebekah Jordan.

Scene #5: Sandie and Yara extracting cum from British stud Mark Davis and swapping it

The final scene on this DVD presented by a very cute Mexican miss Yara, outgoing British blonde Sandie and experienced stud Mark Davis, also British. So let’s go on with it and find out what happens here. This is probably the nastiest scene on the DVD in sexual aspect but it seems to be just a good sport to these girls. This duet loves to take cock as deep in their throats as they only can, to rim Mark’s ass, to taste each other's pussy juice from cock, to lick and suck each others fingers and a lot more! Really, they perform whatever you can only imagine - anal sex? No problem. Ass-to-mouth fuck? They love it too! All the action is undoubtedly a great stuff – very hot and horny with a superb attitude all round. So it’s no surprise to see at the final part that they really like kissing and swapping the hot sticky cum. All the time while the sperm squishing and leaking from their mouths they don't let any dainty bit fall. After viewing this you begin to realize that some of previous scenes lacked real girl-girl contact.


Even not expecting to much and presuming that the cum-swap thing is just a way to create another niche in standard hardcore movies you will find much to enjoy in this DVD. It’s gonna be quite pleasant surprise. Cum Swapping Sluts #2 is a good enough, high-energy DVD xxx movie to live on its own merits, even without resorting to the cum-swapping gimmick.

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scene from DVD Cum Swapping Sluts #2: Lynn and Stacy sperm swap Ashley and Fiona cum swapping screenshot scene of China and Clia from xxx DVD Cum Swapping Sluts #2 Pretty sluts Kinky and Gia swapping cum from Brian Pumper Sandie and Yara cum swapping screenshot from this movie scene

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